Ferguson Stores Refuse To Give Black People Black Friday Deals (Read More)

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FERGUSON – Shortly after Officer Darren Wilson was not found guilty in the shooting death of 18 year old black teenager Michael Brown, Ferguson became a war zone; full of protestors and rioters that vandalized stores, police cars, and homes. But it doesn’t end there.

Reports from all over Ferguson are being made after many Ferguson stores are allegedly refusing to give Black Friday deals to African Americans. Thousands of African American Black Friday shoppers are being dissapointed after a number of large retail stores like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, would not let black people save money by giving them Black Friday deals, they want Black shoppers to buy products at full price, simply because of all the damage they’ve cost vandalizing the town after the Michael Brown verdict.

“We are not racist at all” says a manager of a local Ferguson Best Buy, “We are simply punishing the people who chose to make Ferguson a war zone the last few days, the majority of which were African Americans” concluded the manager. However, the whole “punishment” led to even more disaster. African Americans who were denied a deal on products began to riot, but on a smaller scale of the Michael Brown riots.

“We can’t believe this sh*t” says Ernie Young, an African American Black Friday shopper, “A n*gga waiting all year for these deals and now they tellin’ us we can’t get a deal cause we black; now i guess i gotta get back to stainin’ (slang for “stealing”) sh*t and sellin’ my mixtape on the low”, finished Ernie as he ran inside Walmart.

It seems as though the peace in Ferguson will be reserved for another day. Do you agree with the decision of Ferguson stores? Tweet “#FergusonFriday” with your opinion on Twitter.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes


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