Feminist Didn’t Change Daughter’s Diapers For Weeks Because She Didn’t Give “Consent”

Feminist Didn’t Change Daughter’s Diapers In Weeks Because She Claims Daughter Did Not Give Consent

SAN DIEGO – A feminist mother has been arrested for child neglect after she reportedly went weeks without changing her 1 year old daughter’s diapers because, according to her, her daughter did not give “consent”.

Emily Gwen, 28, known by her friends as an extreme feminist, did not change her daughter’s diapers for weeks, resulting in severe diaper rash and infections. “How was a 1 year old baby supposed to give consent for their diaper to be changed? Where’s Thanos with the infinity gauntlet when you need him?” said Officer John Keller, who found the whole situation disturbing.

Is feminism getting out of hand? Many people are starting to think feminism is a mental disorder, with many feminists making having ridiculous views like Emily Gwen. Emily can face up to 5 years in jail for child neglect.


Written by David Martinez

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