Father Criticized For Handing Out His Mixtape To Kindergarteners On Career Day!

ATLANTA – 31 Year-old Father, Deshawn Malone, is being criticized by parents after he allegedly handed his son’s kindergarten classmates his explicit rap mixtape for career day.

Deshawn Malone reportedly handed his explicit rap mixtape to a classroom full of kindergarteners. According to Jason’s Kindergarten teacher, there was 22 children in the classroom and they were each handed a copy of Deshawn’s mixtape titled “Thugged Out N*ggaz Vol. 2”, even in front of their parents. “It was very inappropriate” says Jessica Lohan, the Mother of one of Jason’s Kindergarten classmates, “I want my son to learn positive things on career day, not how to be ‘Thugged out’ and ‘blow trees’ like Jason’s father said”.

Many parents, including the teacher of the classroom, showed their disapproval by confronting Deshawn during his presentation of his mixtape, at which point Deshawn asked “It’s cause I’m black right?”, although more than half of the parents were also black. A few parents actually supported Deshawn, believing that everyone’s career should be respected, no matter what it is. They also argue that no child would want to see their father/mother criticized for what they do for a living. Deshawn himself, however, had a different view for defending his actions by saying “These kids are too soft, softer than Drake. I’m trying to help them by letting them listen to my mixtape. My mixtape will teach them what they need in life cuz, this ain’t no damn picnic, this the streets n*gga”. Deshawn later left the classroom with Jason and did not come back.

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Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online.

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