Fake God’s Plan: Man Just Leaves Store After Announcing He Will Pay For Every Customers’ Cart

BATON ROUGE – A Louisiana man was arrested after playing a ‘God’s Plan prank’ at a local Walmart.

According to police, Denzel Young, 53, entered a local Walmart and made a public announcement to costumers that he had recently won the lottery and will be paying for every customers’ cart saying: “Ay y’all, I just won the lotto a few days ago, everything’s on me, go get anything y’all want”. Similar to rapper Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ music video, where he enters a supermarket and pays for every customers’ cart. However, unlike Drake, As hundreds of customers happily ran to items they wanted, Denzel nonchalantly walked out the Walmart, making his promise a lie.

Police officers who were in the store then ran out to arrest Denzel. “He’s wasn’t gonna get away with it”, said an arresting officer. “I got excited at the idea of finally owning a remote controller drone, then he just walks out the store”. Customers reportedly came to the checkouts with shopping carts full of household items, food, electronics, etc to find that nobody would be paying for them. “It’s f*cked up”, said Deshaun Wright, a customer, “Lying ass, broke ass, fake ass Drake”.

Denzel was taken into custody and held for $2,000 bail for disorderly conduct.


Written by David Martinez

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