We understand not everyone who visits Huzlers.com is familiar with the concept of the site. Some reasonable people might mistake some of our content as factual or based on real scientific evidence. Huzlers LLC (“Company”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) is not a news organization, nor does it claim to be. Because our content is meant to be satirical and fictional we have no need to fact check it.

We understand the dangers of misinformation, deliberate propaganda, and fake news created for political reasons. Facebook, the largest social media platform, helps fight fake news.

Fake news that has a real impact on society. With the help of fact-checkers partnered with Facebook such as Lead Stories, PolitiFact, Factcheck.org, Reuters Fact Check.

Note to readers!

The assumption that real news is what large news organizations are reporting on their websites or television networks is incorrect. Question everything you read online or watch on television. Including those you believe are reputable sources, remember everyone has their own opinions. Do your research and come to your conclusion.