**EXCLUSIVE** Justin Bieber Sexting Selena Gomez (Text Screenshots Here)

BEVERLY HILLS – It was only a matter time before pop star Justin Bieber would find himself in more trouble after his “egg attack” and “cocaine seize”. During the cocaine seize at Justin’s mansion, Police confiscated many of Justin’s personal belongings including his cell phone, in order to find evidence or more information on the egg attack or drug situation. Police went through Justin’s text messages and made a “shocking discovery”, according to FBI agent David Hall, “I would have never thought Justin was such a thirsty little que*er and weirdo, as soon as i go home I will rip all his posters off my daughters’ walls”.

The shocking discoveries on Justin’s phone are truly traumatizing and sick at the same time. In the text messages Justin B. tells Selena “Don’t act like you don’t miss putting your fingers deep in my a*s”.. With messages like that one has to question the sexuality of Justin B.


(Justin Sends Selena G. A Picture of his a**hole.)

Since the texts have leaked online already, and the FBI currently has Justins phone confiscated, they have reported that texts have been sent to Justins phone. Texts received include texts from other music star such as R&B singer Frank Ocean who sent a message saying “Send me a picture of that d*ck baby boy”. The FBI says they think Ocean is completely unaware that they have Justin’s phone, revealing that Justin has sent pictures of the same kind to Ocean.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes