EXCLUSIVE: Amber Rose Reportedly Pregnant By Welven Da Great (READ MORE)

 LOS ANGELES – According to reporters, Amber Rose, former partner of rapper Wiz Khalifa, is allegedly pregnant with the baby of Welven Harris, also known as “Welven Da Great”, who is known for his catchphrase “Deez Nuts”.

Both Amber Rose and Welven Da Great were spotted together at the Ace Of Diamonds Gentlemen’s club in Los Angeles. According to witnesses, Amber Rose was “all over” Welven the whole time. Amber Rose even posted a photo on Instagram of the two being all lovey dovey with each other, with the caption reading: “Daddy ????”. The two then reportedly left the strip club together at around 2:00 AM, hailed a cab, and drove off.

Wednesday morning, paparazzi outside Amber Rose’s home spotted Welven exiting the home. Upon being asked what happened, Welven said “I gave her Deez Nuts and now she’s pregnant”. Amber Rose would later briefly confirm the pregnancy to reporters during a small interview.

“I don’t know what happened” said Amber, “I just felt so attracted to him for some reason. He told me his pullout game was legendary, so I said f*ck it. And now I’m pregnant, I tested positive”. Amber finished.

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