Eminem "Quits" Music After Checking Into Rehab Again For Heroin Addiction


ng eminem 170509ROCHESTER HILLS – Rapper Marshall Mathers, known by his stage name ‘Eminem’, allegedly said “I’m done with this music sh*t” after checking into rehab again, only this time for a Heroin addiction.

The rapper was recovering from a cocaine addiction for about 6 years until he released his first album back titled ‘relapse’ in 2009. Now it has been revealed that Eminem is battling a new addiction, but not cocaine.. it’s Heroine. It is being said by Eminem’s management that he will no longer be making music. Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenburg said “It may take Marshall another four or five years to recover, but this time, he won’t be coming back to make music, he want’s to focus more on his family after, and we should all respect his decision. we know that drugs have been a struggle for him for the last decade, it’s a tough battle”.

Eminem has yet to respond to the story and isn’t expected to, since Mr. Mathers isn’t a fan of the media. We will bring you more details as soon as the more news unfolds.

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