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Drug Dealer Calls Cops On Demi Lovato After She Ran Off Without Paying For Heroin

There are some things that may not warrant a phone call to 911, and stolen heroin may be one of those things.

Hugo Rivera, 22, of south Los Angeles, called authorities, identified himself as a drug dealer and proceeded to report that Demi Lovato has just stolen $200 worth of heroin, A deputy responded to the scene, at which point Rivera told him that $200 heroin had been stolen from him he said he handed Lovato the heroin and she jumped into a car and sped away.

The deputy searched Hugo and he had small amounts of heroin on him. He also found a crack pipe on the floor and a crack rock near by.

Hugo Rivera was arrested and charged with possession of heroin, The police officer on the scene said it’s not uncommon to run off on the plug.

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