Drake To Release Christmas Album Titled "December 25th" Soon (MORE INFO HERE)

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HIDDEN HILLS, CA – Canadian Rapper Drake has just announced that he will be dropping a Christmas themed album on December 10 titled “December 25th”. Drake will be one of a very few rappers to release a Christmas album. According to Drake, he has been very secretive of the album simply because he wants it to take people by surprise. The rapper posted a picture on his Instagram about the album earlier this morning, but later deleted the post; perhaps he decided to keep his Instagram followers unaware after all? Check out the Instagram screenshot below which is supposed to resemble a polaroid picture:


A few reporters spoke to Drake about the album. Drake told the reporters:

Yeah I’ve been working on this album for about a year and a half now, I’ve been working on it even before I released Nothing Was The Same. I really love Christmas, I still believed in Santa Claus until I was 14 years old. friends would always tell me he wasn’t real and I would get very angry and teary. Not to mention how much I cried every time I saw the Grinch, I used to think “you don’t have to do this Mr. Grinch. Anyways, about the album, it has twelve songs in total, and, unfortunately, I can’t let anyone hear the songs before the release; but I can give you the titles of only three songs, which I believe will be the most popular“.

Drake then went on to reveal the title of the three songs: “December 25th, “No Gifts, and “How Could You, Mr. Grinch?“.

Drake mentioned how he believed a few songs are good enough to be played yearly on the Christmas music station. Drake also mentioned that the album is a mix in between traditional Christmas music and a hint of rap in a few songs. Be sure to pick up ‘December 25th’ when it hits stores on December 10! Have something to say about the album? tweet “#December25th” with your opinion on Twitter!


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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