Drake & Future Accidentally Release Mixtape With Same Song Repeated 11 Times With Different Titles

 THE 6 – After the release of Drake & Future’s mixtape titled “What A Time To Be Alive” Sunday evening, It is reported that prior to releasing the mixtape—a mistake was made.

Cash Money Records and Epic Records announced that they had accidentally released the mixtape with the same song simply repeated 11 times, Repeated 11 times because there are 11 tracks on the mixtape. Hence, why all the songs on the mixtape sounded exactly the same… because it was actually the same song over and over, but with different titles.

“I heard the album front to back” says Derrick Armstrong, a Drake and Future fan who has been waiting for the mixtape’s release since it was announced a few weeks ago. “But there was something weird about it, they whole shit sounded the same. Then I realized that I just listened to the same weak track like 11 times bruh”. Since releasing the mixtape, Cash Money Records and Epic Records have apologized for selling the same song 11 times. According to the record labels, many people were accusing the labels of scamming. 

Were you disappointed when you realized you spent $10.00 on 1 song? We are too…


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online.

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