Don't Do The Charlie Charlie Challenge: 3 Teens Claim Charlie Demon Raped And Beat Them


PHILADELPHIA – Three teenage girls claim to have been raped and beat by the ‘Charlie Demon’ after attempting the ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ yesterday night.

The Charlie Charlie Challenge Is the latest fad popular with teens and has already reached massive popularity on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The challenge involves putting two pencils on a piece of paper in the shape of a cross. You write the words “yes” and no” inside the four squares outlined by the pencils. Those who dare to try the challenge then say, “Charlie, Charlie are you here?” The challenge allegedly summons an ancient Mexican demon named Charlie.

The three teens who decided to do the challenge: Victoria Reyes, Shaneice Jones, and Michelle Brown, all claim to have been raped and beat by the Charlie demon, and all three have landed in the hospital with severe injuries. “We were doing the challenge, and we asked “Charlie Charlie are you here baby?” and all of a sudden the pencil pointed to “Yes” and all of a sudden I felt something huge go up my vagina, but it was like air, like as if Charlie was raping me. And then he slid it out and began raping my friends and beating us, he was punching us in the mouth, boobs, everywhere, please believe me, how do you think I got these bruises?” said Shaneice Jones, one of the girls.

Although the teens bodies show signs off physical injuries and bruises, authorities are skeptical of the claims that it was the Charlie demon who committed the beatings and rape. “We are skeptical of the fact that Charlie could’ve done this, however, it could be true, you never know, all we can advise is for others not to do the Charlie Charlie challenge, who knows what else can happen?” said FBI agent Mark DeLuca, the agent who arrived at the crime scene to find the girls unconscious in their kitchen. Authorities are currently investigating the case while the three girls are being treated in the hospital for major physical injuries and trauma. We will bring you more info as the story develops.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes