Donald Trump and Kanye West Spotted Leaving NYC Recording Studio Together

NEW YORK CITY – One day after President elect Donald Trump and Chicago rapper Kanye West were spotted in the Trump Tower in New York City, apparently discussing: “bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculum, and violence in Chicago”, Donald Trump and Kanye West were spotted leaving a recording studio in New York City.

Reporters rushed to the scene to interview Mr Trump and Mr West. After being asked what they were doing in a recording studio, Kanye admitted he was working on a new single and wanted Donald Trump to be feautured in it. “Me and Donald have gotten very close in the past few days. I asked him if he wanted to be feautured in my next single, and he agreed. He’s actually a pretty good rapper”, replied Mr. West. When reporters asked Donald Trump why he had decided to get in the studio with Kanye West, Trump immediately began freestyling:

“Pull up to the scene, got you running like a candidate; AK left your suit all red, like i won the state”

After spitting the “heat”, Trump immediately jumped into the limousine that was waiting for him nearby, refusing to answer any more questions, along with Kanye West.

Are we looking at a future joint album with Kanye West and Donald Trump? Similar to Kanye and Jay-Z’s ‘Watch the Throne’? Donald Trump would be the first US President to be featured in song. We will update you on Trump and Kanye’s future collaboration when more information is revealed.