DeMarcus Ware released from Dallas Cowboys, For Homosexual Behavior Towards Tony Romo


DALLAS – DeMarcus Ware was released from the Dallas Cowboys for allegedly showing excessive and disturbing homosexual behavior towards Quarterback Tony Romo. The Dallas Cowboys will save a total of $16M dollars.

Ware was supposed to make $12.25M dollars in 2014 alone and $79M dollars in a 6 year contract signed in 2009. That all changed when Romo accused Ware of homosexual behavior, and saying it was making his life uncomfortable, since the whole team shares a locker room. Romo told reporters “He was acting extremely gay for the past year, I was sick of it. I like taking long showers after games, so I would be the last one out the showers; he would take long as well on purpose and smack my ass countless times, I couldn’t take it anymore”

Romo says he doesn’t mind people or players being gay as long as it doesn’t involve him. Although being gay, Ware was a team player and highly skilled.
“A decision like this, involving a man who is a cornerstone player in the history of your franchise, is extremely difficult,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said in a statement. It is unknown if Ware is gay or bi-sexual. Visit regularly to find out!

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