DC Man Sues McDonalds For Still Being Depressed After Eating Happy Meal

Washington D.C. – Some people take marketing campaigns very seriously. This is the case of Ruben Caradehuevo, a depressed man that sued McDonalds for about $1.5 million dollars because after he ate his happy meal, he was still depressed.

The incident happened in a McDonald’s establishment in Washington D.C. Caradehuevo bought his happy meal for dinner, after a long day at work. According to him, he was “very depressed and very stressed out”. He claims he wasn’t thinking right, because he had many problems.

“I bought my happy meal, thinking that that would be the perfect solution for my depression”, Caradehuevo relates. He kept going: “I started eating and I was half way done, but my depression was still there”, he states. After finishing his food, the depression hadn’t still gone away, and he got really pissed.

“Even an hour after finishing my food, I still was depressed. So I decided to sue McDonalds.”.

The trial will be the next 15th of July, and the man already has several attorneys to help him win the case.

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