Man Sues McDonald’s For Still Being Depressed After Eating Happy Meal

Washington D.C. – Some people take marketing campaigns very seriously. Ruben Caradehuevo, a chronically depressed man us suing McDonald’s for 1.5 million dollars after he ate a happy meal and didn’t feel happy at all but felt more depressed.

The incident happened at a McDonald’s establishment located in Washington D.C. Caradehuevo bought his happy meal for dinner, after a long day at work.

According to him, he was “very depressed and very stressed out” and after watching many happy meal commercials, he felt he found the solution.

Caradehuevo says he purchased his happy meal with the belief his depression would go away. Caradehuevo ate his happy meal and said he felt “NO HAPPINESS” and instead felt his depression get worse he also claims to have had suicidal thoughts he never had before. He is pinning the blame on McDonald’s for false advertising.

The trial is set to start in July.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes