Daquan James Suing Facebook, Twitter & Instagram For $900,000.00!


CHICAGO, IL  – Underground rapper Daquan James is suing every social media for ruining his “rapping reputation”. Daquan James a 17 year old from Illinois is an aspiring rap artist who takes his career and future in the rap industry very serious.

Daquan tell us:

Nobdy takes me serious now everyone laughs at my name!! social media has f*cked up my life.

The memes created and used don’t actually represent Daquan James himself. Daquan tells us “Even tho they not talking bout me they using my name and they f*cked it all up!! and im suing every social media”. Daquan James tells us he is suing Facebook, Twitter & Instagram each for 300,000.00 for a total of $900,000.00!

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes


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