Covington Catholic Teen Nicholas Sandmann Reportedly Hospitalized After Being Jumped In A Mall

PARK HILLS, KY – After a group of Kentucky high school students were caught on video in what appeared to be taunting Nathan Phillips, a native american war veteran while singing/playing traditional native music with a drum; the main perpetrator, Nicholas Sandmann, the man who was shown face to face with Phillips, was reportedly beat by a group of 10+ people in a nearby mall.

Sunday morning, police were called on reports of a fight inside the mall, When police arrived hey found Nicholas Sandmann “half-dead” inside the malls Vineyard Vines store. Authorities say Sandmann was initially not responsive but later responded after they mentioned the border wall being built, in which he barely found the strength to ask “Is it built yet?”. Ironically, all authorities on the scene including police and medics were minority’s, to which they took their time in taking Sandmann to the ER, reportedly stopping by a Buffalo Wild Wings to eat before finally checking Sandmann in the ER.

“He’ll make it” said a nurse who was treating Sandmann, “sadly he will make it”. Sandmann had multiple broken bones and bruises all over his body. Authorities state they didn’t make any attempted to locate and identify the perpetrators and have no intention to do so.

Written by David Martinez