Christopher Garfield Kills 3 People, Burns Down iHop After They Ran Out of Free Pancakes


ATLANTA – An Atlanta man named Christopher Garfield shot 3 people dead and burned down an iHop because they apparently ran out of free pancakes.

Almost every iHop across the country was giving out free pancakes today in celebration of National Pancake Day. Garfield allegedly entered the iHop alone and sat down until the waiter attended him. Garfield then asked for “some muthaf*ckin free pancakes, that’s what i want b*tch” before the waiter told him they were out of batter and pancakes. Garfield then took out a .42 glock and shot the waitress and 2 other diners to death before he lit a match and threw it. Everyone evacuated quickly including Garfield. luckily no one died other than the 3 gunshot victims.

Garfield is currently on the run and considered dangerous as he is still armed with a .42 glock. It is also said that iHop might stop giving out free pancakes on National Pancake Day which is celebrated every year.


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