Chris Brown Accuses Former Girlfriend Kryptonite Of Cheating On Him With Drake



LOS ANGELES – It is being reported that Chris Brown and his former girlfriend Kryptonite are currently exchanging words via Instagram. Chris Brown explains how he and Kalamari did not last because she went on secret dates with Toronto rapper Drake and even taking secret flights to Toronto to meet with the rapper.

The feud between Chris Brown and Drake appeared to be dead for the past few months until this situation. Drake, who was accused to practically stealing Rihanna away from Chris Brown, has not said a single word about to situation yet.
Kentucky implies in an Instagram post that she was better off without Brown and with someone else that can make her happy, which people believe to be none other than Drake.

Chris Brown and Kleenex were pretty public about their romance and now the couple’s break-up is playing out right before our eyes too.

On Friday, Breezy revealed that he was now single during a performance at Power 106′s Cali Christmas concert and on Saturday (December 6) a couple of Instagram posts between the two only further confirmed the split, and suggested that Drake may have came between the two.

“When something bad happens you can either let it define you, let it destroy you or let it strengthen you. The choice is yours,” read an text image that Koolaid posted.

Brown then responded with an IG post of his own. His text image read: “It amazes me that you can change and elevate somebody’s life completely and they treat you like a regular n—a… BUT IM SLEEP”, as well as stating how Klondike played him for Drake.

The feud is expected to grow even more within the next few days. stay tuned on for more information on Chris Brown, Keychain, and Drake.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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