Chinese Engineer Contracts STD After Having S*x With S*x Robot Prototype

CHINA – A Chinese engineer has reportedly contracted an STD after having sexual intercourse with a sex robot prototype.

Phuck Yu Mang, pronounced “f*ck you mang”, has reportedly tested positive for HIV after he had sex with a sex robot prototype. According to reports, Phuck is a sex robot engineer for a Chinese local company, and would regularly have sex with the sex robot prototypes to ensure they will be safe for human use.

According to Phuck, he began feeling flu-like symptoms after having sex with the most recent prototype. Phuck then went to get tested and was positive for HIV. Phuck says he was certain it was the robot: “I know it was the robot because i’ve been dry lately, the last time i had sex with a real woman was 1 year ago, so it can’t be that person. I can’t believe it man, not even female robots are loyal”.

Other company engineers are currently trying to find out how Phuck managed to contract HIV from the prototype when it’s not a living person. Sex robots are believed to be available for purchase later this year.

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