Chicago Man Sues Girlfriend For Accidently Biting His P*nis Off While Giving Him Oral Sex

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CHICAGO – A Chicago man named Keyon Joseph, age 21, filed a lawsuit against his own girlfriend, named Kimberly Mayen, after she allegedly bit off half of his p*nis while giving oral sex 3 days ago. The couple was at Keyon’s parents’ home when it happened. Keyon was taken to Weiss Memorial Hospital’s emergency room and was treated instantly because he was losing “A lot of blood from his p*nis”.

Keyon is still being hospitalized but currently recovering. However, that didn’t stop Keyon from filing a $30,000 lawsuit against his former lover. Reporters came to interview Keyon from his hospital bed and Keyon was more than happy to answer questions.  “How did she manage to bite it off half-way?” asked a reporter. ” I have no clue what she did, I had my eyes closed because it was feeling good, you know what I’m saying? then I felt a sharp a*s pain and instantly opened my eyes and there was blood everywhere and on her mouth and my p*nis was gone!” Keyon also sent out advice for young teens saying, “If it’s her first time, be careful”.

Reporters also managed to interview Kimberly, who is currently in custody as Police investigate. “It was my first time sucking d*ck, oh my God!! why is everyone acting like it’s a big deal? it’s only a p*nis for God’s sake”. Both Keyon and Kimberly are currently contacting their attorney’s, respectively. Visit daily for more news.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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