Chicago Man Fired After Attempting To Use Hurricane Irma As A Reason To Call Off Work

CHICAGO – Latrell Davis, a south side Chicagoan, was fired Saturday afternoon from his job at Target for attempting to use Hurricane Irma as a reason to call off.

According to his Target supervisor, Latrell had texted him “Yo i can’t come to work today because of Hurricane Irma, that shit hit my crib”. However, Latrell lives in Chicago, nowhere near the Hurricane Irma affected areas.
“I thought he was joking” said Jason Doyle, Latrell’s supervisor, “but then i realized he wasn’t and he actually wasn’t going to come in work today because of the hurricane. It was sunny the whole”, finished Doyle.

Latrell’s employment was later terminated. Might not be a wise decision to use a Hurricane for a reason to call off when you live nowhere near one.


Written by David Martinez