Catholic Priest Accused Of Not Molesting Children

Outrage continues in Boston after more accusations pour in claiming that the priest of St. Mathews church has not molested any children. Father Benjamin Williams has led the church for nearly two decades and now several patrons of the church are coming forward with their stories.

“My children are just as good, if not better looking than the other children” said Claire Walker, who has taken her son to the church since he was three years old. “Father Williams has spent quite some time alone with my son and not once did he make any sexual advances towards him, is my son not his type?”

Zoe Clark, mother of two also expressed concerns. “Does he not love our children? I trusted that man. I believed he was a devout catholic that stuck to all of the traditions of the catholic church.”.

These are not the first allegation against the priest, back in 2017 he was accused of being alone with a 7 year old and “Did nothing but treated him kindly with the utmost respect”. Fellow priests have weighed in on the issue “As a Catholic Priest it is our duty to connect with local children in both a spiritual and emotional way. Father Williams is going against our teachings by not molesting any children”

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