Bryson Tiller Says Summer Walker “Stank Like Dead Dogs In The Studio” After It Was Revealed She Doesn’t Like Showering

LOS ANGELES – After R&B singer Summer Walker shared a photo on instagram of her “washing bowl” with the following caption: “my washing bowl lol i get to wash in my bowl i hate showers”, the singer has been the center of many internet memes pointing fun at her dislike of showers, claiming she’s “dirty”.

However, internet users are not the only ones concerned for the ‘Playing Games’ singer. Fellow R&B singer Bryson Tiller reportedly told reporters “no wonder she stank, she was hella musty, she stank like dead dogs in the studio when i was there recording playing games” said Bryson, who was featured on Summer’s hit song ‘Playing Games’, spent a few days with Summer in and out the studio to work on the song.

Summer Walker was reportedly forced to shower by her record label and manager, as they say it effects her ability to collaborate with other music artists. “We’re not being assholes, her stank ass needs to shower, it’s business” said Summer’s manager.



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