**BREAKING NEWS** Vine Star "King Bach" Killed In Car Crash by Drunk Driver

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LOS ANGELES – It has been reported that Vine and Youtube star Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor has been killed in a car accident by a drunk driver.

King Bach was one of the most popular Vine stars with over 7 Million vine followers and several Million youtube subscribers. Investigators say King Bach died instantaneously due to a fatal neck injury. “I was watching the drunk driver as he was driving, he was doing at least 65 on a 30 mph speed limit street, then he lost control and hit the car in the next lane. The crash was extremely loud and violent, people around immidiately looked to help and call the authorities, little did we know it was King Bach who had got hit and killed, I know who he is because I follow him on vine” said Melissa Salguero, who was a witness of the fatal accident.

Authorities have reported that the drunk driver, 54 year old Gary Windham, survived in critical condition. Gary Windham will face criminal charges for driving under the influence, and manslaughter. King Bach was only 26 years old.


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