*BREAKING NEWS* UCONN Huskies Players Suspected Of Using Skill Enhancing Drugs Prior To Championship Game. NCAA IS INVESTIGATING.

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ARLINGTON – After defeating the Kentucky Wildcats in a stunning thriller for the NCAA championship (March Madness), the Uconn Huskies are now under investigation for allegedly using skill enhancing drugs prior to the championship game.

A prescription bottle filled with pills on the floor near one of the players lockers. The game official quickly piked up the bottle and went to notify league officials on what he had found. League Officials quickly took action and told the press and reporters to leave immediately. The game official who remains to be anonymous says that the prescription bottle was labeled “The Juice” but will not release the name of who that bottle belonged to. It is believed that the bottle contains steroids, given the fact that “The Juice” is street slang for steroids.

League Officials are now conducting a deep investigation by searching The Huskies lockers, duffle bags, backpacks, etc. to see if there are any other suspicious substances. If enough evidence is found, the Huskies can be stripped of they’re newly acquired title and banned from NCAA basketball. We will update you on NCAA’s investigation here on Huzlers.com.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes


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