**Breaking News** Manny Pacquiao Discovered To Have Cheated In Rematch Fight Against Timothy Bradley With Plaster Hidden In His Gloves


LAS VEGAS – After defeating Timothy Bradley by unanimous decision in their second fight early Sunday morning in a rematch fight. Manny Pacquiao has been discovered to have cheated during the whole fight against Bradley by using an illegal substance in his hand wraps.

The Nevada State Athletics Commission (NSAC) ordered Pacquiao’s hand wraps to be checked for illegal substances after Bradley claimed that Pacquiao “had cheated”. the NASC found a small amount of plaster (of paris) hidden in his hand wraps and later confirmed Pacquiao has cheated.

Plaster of Paris is manufactured as dry powder and turns into paste when coming into contact with water and eventually hardening. In this case, the powder came together with Pacquiao’s sweat. Experts believe Pacquiao decided to cheat because he did not want to take the chances to lose to Bradley again, as he did back in 2012.

The Athletic Boxing Commission issued a 20M dollar fine to Manny Pacquiao and has banned him from professional boxing.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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