**BREAKING NEWS** Justin Bieber Escapes Jail After Being Arrested for DUI and Illegal Racing

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 6.00.07 PMMIAMI – Teen singer Justin Bieber has just escaped from the Federal Correctional Institution in Miami after being arrested for DUI and Illegal racing. Justin Bieber was caught racing a yellow Lamborghini last night, in which he lost. Bieber was reportedly under the influence of alcohol, molly, “lean”, and marijuana at the same time when he was caught drag racing, which he later stated was “For Paul Walker”. Apparently Justin couldn’t take being in jail any longer after being there for less than 24 hours and seems to already have an elaborate plan to escape the jail.

Officer Michael Hollister says “I locked Bieber up and I left for an hour and when i returned, there was a giant hole in the wall and he was missing”. Hollister found a note in Bieber’s cell which read:

“She came in like a wrecking ball

which only leads investigators to believe that schizophrenic actor and singer Miley Cyrus, was an accomplice. FBI and Miami Police are currently searching for Bieber and believe he might be hiding somewhere in the Everglades Wildlife Management area after he was spotted driving a Subaru BRZ, which officials say he just stole outside the prison, and managed to escape out of sight.

Bieber is said to be somehow armed and dangerous and if interacted with or spotted, to immediately call Miami police. Bieber’s twitter account tweeted about an hour ago, which proves that Justin somehow has access to the internet at this moment, the tweet read:

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 6.52.28 PM





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