The First Texas Ebola Victim Thomas Eric Duncan Dies, Then "Rises From Dead" and Attacks Nurses and Civilians!


DALLAS,TX – Only a few hours after the first person every diagnosed with Ebola on American Soil died from the disease, Thomas Eric Duncan, allegedly “rose from the dead and began attacking hospital nurses and civilians walking in the streets before being shot and “re-killed” by Dallas police. Officials say Thomas Eric Duncan managed to severely injure at least three random civilians before being “killed”, again. The three victims are being specially treated for the possibility of contracting the Ebolavirus from Mr. Duncan, who attacked the three by biting, chewing, and clawing at the skin of the victims.

The situation was similar to the Miami cannibal “zombie” attack which led to a homeless man’s face being completely bit off by a man in a zombie like state, believed to be on a new drug called “Bath Salt”. However, this case is different, we know Thomas Eric Duncan died of the Ebolavirus. “This is the second case of Ebola in which the victim has arose from the dead, there was one case in Africa just about a week ago” says Dr. Anthony Fauci, an Ebolavirus expert, “The original Ebolavirus WE know, which has killed hundreds of people in West Africa, does not cause its dead victims to resurrect as “zombies”, however, almost every virus has the ability to mutate, we believe that Thomas Eric Duncan contracted a mutated version of the Ebolavirus, which we believe does, in fact, causes the victims to somehow raise from the dead, if this mutated Ebolavirus somehow managed to spread greatly, we can be looking at a potential future ‘zombie apocalypse.'” concluded Dr. Fauci.

Thomas Eric Duncan’s family was greatly impacted by the death and apparent resurrection of Mr. Duncan, and chose to not speak to the media, stay tuned for more information on the mutated Ebolavirus.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online.

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