BREAKING: Drake's Alleged Ghostwriter Quentin Miller Found Murdered; Drake Responsible?

TORONTO – A few days after Meek Mill hinted that a man, by the name of Quentin Miller, was Drake’s ghostwriter and the man behind Drake’s hits, Quentin Miller was found murdered in his home.

There is no doubt that the rap game is a dirty game, but is it really this dirty? The mysterious name Quentin Miller has been trending since Meek Mill’s “Quentin Miller” tweet. Hip-Hop fans have been asking themselves the same questions: Is Meek Mill right? Who is Quentin Miller? Does he write ALL of Drake’s songs? Is he the actual soft one and not Drake? The exposure of Quentin Miller was surely dangerous for not only Drake and OVO, but Quentin Miller himself. Meek had revealed too much information.

Authorities discovered Quentin Miller’s corpse in his Toronto home Friday Morning. Quentin had been killed “execution-style”, according to police. “Similar to the way Drake was shot in Degrassi” says FBI agent Ana Duncan “We were able to determine how the murder happened with evidence we found. We concluded that Quentin was running away from the gunman as he was shot in the back. It was way too similar to the way they shot Drake in Degrassi, which was the reason for him being in a wheelchair; And for that reason, we are sure Drake had something to do with the murder” finished Duncan.

Authorities are soon to investigate Drake and his OVO crew for clues of who could have ordered and carried out the murder. Authorities strongly believe it was Drake who ordered the murdered. Authorities are also giving warnings about Drake, telling people to not let his alleged soft personality fool you because of his music, and that he is actually a cold-hearted mafia-like Don.

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Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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