BREAKING: Chicago Cubs Believed To Have Sold Their Souls To The Devil For Success (Read Details)

 CHICAGO – The Chicago Cubs are making history! For the first time ever at Wrigley Field, the Cubs have won a postseason series. Since Wrigley field opened in 1914, 101 years ago, The Cubs have not won a postseason series until today, after winning the division series against the St. Louis Cardinals 3 games to 1. Surely an unforgettable weak for Cubs fans in Chicago.

Many are asking, how are the Cubs so good all of a sudden? Is it real skill, luck, or is it something else that’s going on? Unfortunately, we are sad to inform you that the the entire Cubs roster, including the coaches and managers, have reportedly sold their souls to the devil shortly before the beginning of the season back in April. Officials, skeptical of the Cubs’ luck and talent to clinch a spot in the NLCS, decided to enter the Chicago Cubs locker room. Officials discovered a large pentagram drawn on the floor of the locker room. Officials also found the players sitting in a circle around the pentagram praying in an unknown language, with candles all over the place. “I couldn’t believe it”, says the official who walked into the locker room, “It was scary. I thought I had died and went to hell for a second”.

Stories of people selling their souls for fame, fortune, and in this case, luck and skill, is not new. Many people believe in the existence of the illuminati, as well as powers granted by the devil, upon selling your soul to him. And it seems like the Cubs were sick and tired of losing.

The real question here is— Will the Cubs actually win the NLCS, and later the World Series? Will selling their souls really pay off? Subscribe to for news and updates straight to your email.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online.

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