Bill Nye The Science Guy Arrested For Manufacturing And Selling Illegal Drugs

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LOS ANGELES – It is being confirmed that American scientist and television host Bill Nye, popularly known as ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’, has been arrested for allegedly selling and manufacturing illegal drugs such as marijuana, acid, and crystal meth. Authorities say he was operating under the street name “Slim Killa”.

Bill Nye was arrested in his Los Angeles home after investigators became suspicious of Nye taking part of the sale and manufacture of illegal drugs. Investigators found pounds of illegal drugs and money in a secret basement in Bill Nye’s home, including 6 Million dollars cash, 13 illegal firearms, 121 pounds of marijuana, 2 gallons of LSD, and 63 pounds of crystallized methamphetamine, commonly known as simply crystal meth, as well as boxes of condoms, women under garments, and a stripper pole in the very lab.

“Well, this isn’t much of a surprise” says FBI agent Cornell Geyers “not one bit, this man had a vast understanding and knowledge of chemistry and how to make substances and whatnot, I’ve seen enough breaking bad to know to expect anything, all we have to do now is find the mans Jesse Pinkman”, finished Geyers as he began to laugh.

Investigators believe Nye was responsible for 19% of the total illegal drug sales in the Los Angeles area. “We believe he’s responsible for nineteen percent of drug sales in Los Angeles, almost one-fifth, yet we only found six million dollars in his home, which leads us to believe he has more hiding somewhere else or he had just began the illegal drug business and quickly climbed the power ladder. The man is also very dangerous and has “street credit”, all he had to do was order someone killed and it was done, no questions asked” says another FBI investigator Jose Cardenas. Investigators also believe Nye had secret ties with the Mexican cartel, however that is only a speculation.

Bill Nye is currently awaiting trial and could face up to life in prison for his crimes. I guess we wont be seeing Bill Nye the Science Guy around anymore, or should i say, Bill Nye The Secret Drug Manuacturer and Seller Guy.

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Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes