Boonk Gang Hospitalized After Drinking Can of Raid Roach Spray

LOS ANGELES – It is being reported that internet celebrity Boonk Gang is being hospitalized after he reportedly drank an entire can of Raid roach spray wednesday evening.

According to authorities, they found Boonk passed out on Santa Monica blvd. Boonk was then rushed to the nearest hospital where he is being treated in critical condition. Hospital staff claim they knew who Boonk was and what he did in his videos. “It was only a matter of time before Boonk did something like drink a can of roach spray, not too surprised to be honest. Natural selection at it’s finest” said Dr. Linda Meyers.

Doctors believe Boonk is suffering from severe drug abuse which eventually led to him drinking raid spray. Although expected to survive, Doctors believe Boonk will remain addicted to raid spray and will suffer withdrawals if not consumed.

Written by David Martinez

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