‘Bird Box’ Challenge: Man Crashes After Attempting To Drive Blindfolded

AUSTIN, TX – A 20 year old man is being hospitalized in serious condition after being involved in an automobile accident. According to witnesses, the man was driving while blindfolded. Authorities say the man was attempting the “Bird Box challenge”, a challenge that consists of attempting every day tasks while blindfolded, in this case driving a car.

Jacob, 20, is currently being hospitalized at Austin state hospital after being involved in a serious 4 vehicle accident. All others involved in the accident walked away with minor cuts and bruises. Jacob was attempting to drive his car down 45th street blindfolded thanks to the latest internet challenge called the “Bird Box challenge”. ‘Bird Box’ is the title of a recently released Netflix horror film in which characters in the movie must be blindfolded to not be “possessed” by the evil spirits, thus the characters had to do everyday activities blindfolded.

“Natural selection”, says Nurse Dennis Seyih, “this is darwinism at it’s finest hour” he finished, referring to Jacob.

Experts are actually encouraging people to partake in this one-of-many dangerous internet challenges that have emerged in recent years. “We need more people like Jacob to do these types of challenges so our world can be rid of idiots”, said human behavior expert Joan Chelsea.

Jacob is expected to recover in a few weeks, and will also face criminal charges for reckless endangerment while driving.

Written by David Martinez