Billboard Agrees To Reinstate Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ To The Country Charts But “Only Because Of Billy Ray Cyrus”

NATIONWIDE – 1 week after Billboard removed Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ from the country charts for being “not country enough”, they have announced they will be reinstating Old Town Road and Old Town Road Remix, which features country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, back onto the country charts, but only “because of Billy”.

After Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road became an internet sensation thanks to apps like Twitter and Tik Tok, it has since become number 1 on Apple Music, number 1 on Spotify, and currently peaking at number 15 on the Billbord hot 100. After its debate of being rap or country, Billboard decided to take the song off the country charts, sparking backlash against billboard with many claiming it was because of Lil Nas X’s race. However, Billy Ray Cyrus’ feature on the remix is apparently enough for it to be country. “We’re adding it back” said Billboard spokesperson Jerry Faulkner, “we’re only adding back Old Town Road because Billy Ray Cyrus is one of my favorite singers, otherwise we would still have said no because he doesn’t look like a country person to me.”

Although not admitting it being because Lil Nas X is black, it seems as though it is the actual reason. “My damn daughter keeps playing that song at home i’m tired of it, I always tell her to shut that black music up”, said Faulkner.

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Written by David Martinez