Bill Gates Loses $3 Billion In Super Bowl Bet With Random Man

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SEATTLE – It has been reported that Bill Gates has lost $3 Billion dollars due to a bet he placed on the Seattle Seahawks to win the Super Bowl.

Bill Gates apparently placed the bet with a stranger who began arguing with him about how bad the Patriots were going to beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. I think we all know that Bill Gates is from Seattle, Washington, so there’s no surprise about him defending the team of his city. Witnesses say they were present when Gates’ placed the bet with the random man. “Yo, Gates was going off” says Malcolm Hill, “This random dude knew Bill Gates was from Seattle, so he started talking sh*t to Gates about how the Seahawks were going to lose, and Gates began arguing back and told him if the Patriots win, he will give him $3 Billion dollars and said “It isn’t much to me anyways.'”

After the Patriots defeated the Seahawks in the Super Bowl Sunday night, Bill Gates immidiately wrote the man a check for $3 Billion dollars, dropping his net worth from $81.2 Billion to $78.2 Billion, and also making the random man a Billionaire in only a day. The identity of the random man will remain anonymous for safety reasons.
Bill Gates has yet to publically respond to the situation.




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