Bill Cosby Says "It's Not A Crime To Offer Free Drugs"


Manhattan – Bill Cosby admitted to multiple extramarital affairs with women, and to sometimes offer them drugs, during his long career as a beloved comedian and social commentator. Many of those women are now accusing Bill Cosby of rape and branding him as a sexual predator. But Cosby defends himself by saying “It’s not a crime to offer free drugs” in a very exclusive interview Bill Cosby also says “I don’t get why these h*es are trippin’ now? I was giving them free drugs FREE!”.

Bill Cosby who had 7 prescriptions for Quaaludes with a total of 420 pills each month was a party monster when he wasn’t recording his hit sitcom “The Cosby Show” he would stay up for days on cocaine. Bill Cosby says he would invite guest up to his apartment and after a couple pudding pops offer them Quaaludes.

Bill Cosby has not plead guilty to any charge. Subscribe to huzlers.mystagingwebsite.com below and get updates sent straight to your email.



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