Bill Cosby: How Do They Remember If I Drugged Them?

PHILADELPHIA – Months after the accusations of several women that Bill Cosby had committed drug facilitated sexual assault, rape, and sexual misconduct in the mid 1960’s, Bill Cosby has indirectly admitted that he had, in fact, committed the sexual crimes by saying: “How do they remember if I drugged them?”

It happened after a reporter had asked Bill Cosby what he had to say about the accusations and everything that the accusations has led to. Bill Cosby then responded with “I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how they remember what I did. How do they remember If I drugged them?”.

Apparently unaware that he had indirectly admitted to these sexual crimes, Bill Cosby simply walked away squinting his eyes and stroking his chin in confusion, appearing to be trying to think of an answer to his own question.

Will Bill Cosby’s statements be used against him as evidence to his guilt? How, indeed, did Bill Cosby’s accusers actually remember they were sexually assaulted if they were drugged? So many unanswered questions. Subscribe to for updates¬†on Bill Cosby straight to your email.


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