BBQ Becky Reportedly Called 911 On A Black Police Officer Who Pulled Her Over

OAKLAND – Days after a video surfaced of an Oakland woman, now known as “BBQ Becky”, calling the police on a group of black people barbecuing at the lake in an an area that she claims was “illegal”, it is being reported that a new incident regarding BBQ Becky has occurred. According to authorities, BBQ Becky called the police on a black police officer for pulling her over for driving above the speed limit.

Officer Derek Robinson was the officer who pulled over BBQ Becky, according to Derek, when he reached Becky’s car, Becky asked why she was pulled over, and then requested for a white police officer. After officer derek refused to, Becky decided to call the police on Derek, and told the 911 operator: “a black cop is trying to give me a ticket”.

“Fat people wylin” said Officer Derek, “I don’t know what’s her problem, after i pulled her over for speeding, i recognized her from that bbq video and knew she was going to call the police on me”.

Authorities later arrived and gave Becky 3 tickets, 1 for speeding, 1 for a false report, and 1 for being retarded. “Hopefully we don’t hear from her again” said another officer, who is tired of Becky already. Hopefully we don’t either.

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Written by David Martinez


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