‘BBQ Becky’ Calls Police On Black Funeral Because Attendees Were “Crying Too Loud”

OAKLAND – Is calling the police on black people a fad? Well at least for ‘BBQ Becky’ it is. After being capture on video earlier this week calling the police on a group of black people for grilling on the lakefront, Becky is reportedly back at it.

Oakland police confirm that BBQ Becky called the police on a black funeral because they were “crying too loud”. The funeral was of Malcolm West, 45, who was being grieved by family and friends attending the funeral, mostly of which were black. BBQ Becky told police she was driving down the street and the cries were so loud that she missed the favorite part of a song she was listening to, and decided the funeral attendees were way too loud, and proceeded to call the police.

Authorities confirm that although they were obliged to arrive at the scene, no citations were given to anybody. Oakland police made no comment on whether or not it was right or wrong for Becky to have called the police on the black funeral, but an officer did express that Becky seemed annoying and “the type of person to get offended by everything”.

Written by David Martinez