Authorities Exterminating All Mosquitos Near Magic Johnson's Home


BEVERLY HILLS – Authorities have initiated a mass extermination of all Mosquitos living within a 1 mile radius of NBA legend Magic Johnson’s home. The former Los Angeles Laker has been carrying the HIV virus since the late 1980’s, at which he was at the prime of his basketball career.

Authorities revealed that the reason for the mass extermination was because multiple tests and research shows that a person that comes within a one mile radius of Magic Johnson’s home has a 17% chance to be bitten by a mosquito that has already bitten Magic Johnson. After biting Magic Johnson, the Mosquitos, now being contaminated with HIV are likely to bite someone else and pass over the HIV. “Very dangerous”, says Environmentalist Patricia Luna, “something must be done, twelve people have already been contaminated within the last two weeks with HIV by a mosquito that has previously bitten Magic Johnson. The Mosquitos have to go” finished Luna.
Authorities estimate that around twenty-four Million Mosquitos live within the one mile radius, and so far three million of them have been exterminated in just seven days. Magic Johnson has yet to comment on the crisis; reporters are not trying to come within fifty feet of Magic Johnson for fear of contamination. Subscribe to below and we will update you as the story develops.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes