Authorities Find Illegal Musket Rifles In 21 Savage’s Home After Being Arrested by ICE

ATLANTA – After rapper 21 savage was arrested sunday morning by ICE for allegedly being a UK resident and illegally living in the U.S., 21 savage is also facing gun charges as authorities discovered multiple illegal firearms in 21’s home.

Authorities discovered multiple 16th century firearms including rifles muskets and flintlock pistols. Many of them decorated with real gold.

Experts say these were the type of weapons used in the revolutionary war. “If this 21 guy ain’t british than i don’t know who is” said ICE spokesperson Jada Fine. Among more items found in 21’s residency, were 16th century british tea mugs and tea pots, a collection of 16th century musketeer swords and boxes upon boxes of tea.

21 Savage is very likely to be deported and face charges on illegal weapons.


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