AriZona Tea Exposed By FDA For Using Human Urine In Products; Will Be Taken Off Shelves


NEW YORK – Popular American tea company AriZona has been reportedly discovered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be using Human Urine in their products as an active ingredient.

Upon being unexpectedly inspected a few days ago, FDA inspectors visited five of AriZona’s biggest factories in the United States and what they discovered was shocking. They discovered thousands and thousands of gallons of large industrial containers containing human urine. But what was the urine doing in an AriZona tea factory? According to the FDA, Urine has been suspected to be used in AriZona products for a years and it is what gives it its signature flavor, surprisingly. About 6% of AriZona cans are made up of human urine.

“This is outrageous”, says FDA inspector Marco Lehman, “For a company as popular as AriZona to be tricking it’s customers into drinking human urine, it is incredibly unhygienic and sick altogether, no wonder why AriZona cans only cost one dollar, because human urine can be produced at no cost unlike their other ingredients.” finished Marco. It is also suspected that once the AriZona seizes to use urine in their products their will be priced higher, speculated to be sold at $1.75 a can.

The FDA has immediately taken command and have forced all of AriZona tea factories to shut down and seize production until AriZona factories are free of human urine and any other unauthorized ingredients that may be used. AriZona cans will also be taken off all store shelves within the next few days. We will bring you more information as the story develops.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes


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