Ariana Grande Reportedly Pregnant by Rapper Big Sean! See Tweet Here!

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LOS ANGELES – Ariana Grande has reportedly tested positive on her pregnancy test earlier today. The 21 year old former Nickelodeon star is expected to have the baby June of 2015.

Ariana Grande tweeted a picture of her pregnancy test which read positive earlier today. Ariana mentioned rapper Big Sean in the tweet as well with two kissy face emoji’s, only leading us to conclude that Big Sean is the father of Ariana’s baby. Big Sean has been rumored to be Ariana’s lover for the past few weeks but now it is as clear as day there is something going on between the two. View Ariana’s tweet below:




Ariana then went on to delete the tweet, maybe she decided she didn’t want too many people to know after all. Regardless, it’s a little too late Ariana. We still haven’t got a reaction from Big Sean yet, but we will be expecting one very soon. We can only imagine how many guys out there are jealous of Mr. Sean.

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