Africans Now Living Luxurious Because Of "Pennies A Day" Donations

AFRICA – New reports are revealing that about 40% of Africans are now living lavish and wealthy thanks to those 39 cents a day donations you have probably heard and seen on TV about a million times already.

Millions of people in Africa are starving because of lack of available food and water. Hence, why many organizations are accepting donations from anyone, advertised as “pennies a day”. However, there are new reports that many Africans are now living wealthy because of these “pennies a day”. They have apparently been adding up after all these years. Prior to the television advertisements, only about 10% of African families were making enough income to live comfortably, compared to the now 40%.

Africans that were once starving are now seen driving luxurious cars like BMW’s, Mercedes Benz’s, Maserati’s, and more. Many Africans are also donning designer brand clothing like Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Ray-Ban. See photograph below:

Is it possible that those “39¢ a day” are beginning to add up to a point where the average African is now living more lavish than the average American? Express your opinion on Twitter by tweeting with the hashtag “#Huzlers“. Also don’t forget to subscribe to below for news updates straight to your email.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online.

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