7 Year Old Eli Moreno Missing After Installing Talking Angela App


DALLAS – Thursday morning Jasmin Moreno installed the popular app Talking Angela on her iPhone for her 7 year old son Eli Moreno to play with she noticed the Talking Angela app was asking questions that seemed very odd the Talking Angela app asked “Are your parents home?”  and even went as far as asking “What are you wearing right now?” at the time she didn’t suspected that a child molester was on the other side of the app communicating with her young son Eli.

Friday morning she let Eli play with her phone while she showered by the time she was ready to drive Eli to school he was missing. She reported him missing 1 hour later and a detective asked her if she had the “Talking Angela” app on her phone she was stunned to find out that several  kids in the same neighborhood have gone missing days after installing the app. Huzlers talked to a local detective and he told us “We have been tracking the Angela Pedophile for days now he’s like a shadow” we are assuming this news hasn’t been made public to keep app users from panicking.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online.

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