50 Cent Shot 9 Times Again And Survives Again!


NEW YORK CITY – Queens based rapper, entrepreneur, and actor Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has been reportedly shot 9 times again and somehow survived again. Physicians say he is in serious condition and currently being hospitalized.

Jackson was shot 9 times Friday morning outside of his $14.5 Million dollar mansion in Farmington, Connecticut in broad daylight. Police say the shooter, identified as 26 year old Eugene Hughes, fled the scene after he shot Jackson but was later caught by Farmington Police after he was found in the backyard of a nearby house apparently on his knees and praying “God please don’t let them catch me, I hate my life enough already” as police tased Hughes and cracked jokes about his prayer as they handcuffed him.

It is not the first time Jackson has been a victim of gun violence. Jackson was also shot 9 times at close range back in May of 2000 in his hometown of South Jamaica, Queens. Jackson also appears to have natural body armor built into the inner layers of skin which explains his ability to survive gunshot wounds.

Rapper and friend of Jackson, DJ Whoo Kid, told reporters: “Man, 50 is just too hood for his own good, wait that rhymes! that’ll be a good song right? but anyways yeah, 50 was maybe better off resting in peace, I hate to see him suffer like this”. Family and friends of Jackson have been already been seen visiting Jackson at the hospital where he is being treated.

Gunman Eugene Hughes is facing charges on attempted murder, AND the “attempted murder of Curtis Jackson”, which has been introduced as a new offense simply because Jackson has been shot “Too many times that it is now a worse crime to shoot Jackson than any other human being”. Hughes is expected to appear in court sometime in March and if found guilty, can serve up to 40 years in federal prison.

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Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes