5 Things That Prove You’re Probably Ugly As F*ck!

1) All of your Instagram photos have filters
Filters on Instagram are the best thing to happen to ugly people this far in this world, you can take photos and filters magically make you appear more attractive or cover your ugliness with patches of color tints and brightness. Scroll down your Instagram pics and if you see that they all have filters, you guessed it, you’re ugly as fuck.
2) People rather stand than sit next to you on the bus or train
Am I the only one who actually likes train and bus rides? It gives me time to listen to music and think about life altogether, so I always try and make sure I get a seat so I can relax for the whole ride. So if the seat next to you is the only open seat and people refuse to sit their, then you my friend, are ugly.
3) You set your snapchat snaps to only 1 second length
The longer they look at your pictures, the better they can decide whether you are good looking or ugly. That being said, setting your snapchat snaps to 1 second is the perfect way to hide your ugliness without sending random snaps of your couch. Until he/she asks you to make your snaps longer…
4) They always ask you to be the photographer when taking group photos
If you’ve heard “Hey can you take this pic of us?” more times than you think you should have, chances are you are ugly and you are intentionally being excluded from being in group photos because you’re simply ugly as shit.
5) You get deleted or blocked from Facebook after sending a message
Nowadays anybody adds anybody just for the heck of it, and everything is ok, until… you decide to slide into the their messages and that person quickly unfriends you or blocks; That’s when you truly come to the realization that you’re ugly and ask yourself what is life. So if you’re ugly.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes


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