4/20 Tragedy: 3rd Person 28 Year-Old Man Overdoses From Marijuana

DENVER, CO – With marijuana grown indoors and mysterious chemicals used to make marijuana stronger everyday it was only a matter of time till someone overdosed from this no potentially deadly strain of marijuana. Police are saying the THC strength of the marijuana consumed by Gary Fields was 10 times greater than that of heroin.

On April 20, 2018 a Gary Fields a resident of Denver, was found unconscious paramedics were immediately called but it was he was pronounced dead at the scene, He purchased 1 gram of “triple og ghostface killa kush”.

Before the accident he updated his Facebook status saying “I’m about to smoke this blunt! of some killa!” young Gary Fields was found dead in his restroom.

Investigators say the amount of Marijuana Gary Fields consumed was small but the THC level was high enough to kill a bear. This has been the third person dead from smoking the same strain of marijuana.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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