26-Year-Old Denied His Tax Return After Claiming His 36 Kids!


Houston, TX – Jamal Jones tells us he was expecting a check well over “$30,000” but instead was issued a letter from the IRS denying his tax application. Jamal tell us he filled his taxes like every other year at his local H&R Block but this year claimed his most recent 2 children both kids are a year old and have different baby mothers.

The 26 year old tells the media all the mothers of each children know he claims them every year he tells us “They know who run shit around here”. Jamal Jones started having children at a very young age losing his virginity at the age of 10, Jamal has 36 kids with 26 different women and is expecting twins with his current girlfriend. We asked Jamal what he was planning to do with that large amount he was expecting he told us “New rims and J’s for all my kids”.

We spoke to the manager of H&R Block and were told he is most likely to get his return because their is no fraud involved. The manager Jacob tell us “Its probably a glitch in the system and hopefully its resolved soon Jamal had been a long term client and someone we don’t want to anger

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Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes